Post-16 Offer

The Learning Plus UK Post-16 Offer is a unique national offer dedicated to the Post-16 sector. It is a menu of products and services, so you choose what you require. The offer is available for strategic groups such as Multi-Academy Trusts, Consortia, College Groups, Local Authorities and Combined Authorities or individual centres such as Schools with sixth forms, Academies with sixth forms, Sixth Form Colleges and FE Colleges.

We offer a range a products that can help with setting target grades, monitoring progress, analysing outcomes and reviewing Post-16 performance. All our products are developed with learners in mind and they reflect our commitment to educational improvement through bringing together robust data analysis with easy to use technology. In addition to the products within our standard Post-16 offer, we work in partnership with clients to develop bespoke data analysis or Datadashboards to fit their specific needs.



  • Saves you time by creating the analysis for you to use to improve learner outcomes
  • Ready for the start of your new academic year
  • Provides you with the data you need to understand improvement, evidence to share good practice and information for targeted intervention
  • Based on the national cohort, uses the full national datasets and current benchmarks
  • Your results analysis all in one place
  • Objective evidence to make informed decisions to improve learner outcomes
  • Latest national benchmarks and analysis reflecting national 16-18 accountability measures
  • Easy to read, well presented formats and clear visualisations
  • Post-16 Level 2 & 3 analysis

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