Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard

Our Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard is unique in bringing together performance information from national datasets. Including Post-16 Level 2 and Level 3 performance, it provides you with the data you need to understand improvement, evidence to share good practice and information for targeted intervention. Available at Individual centre e.g. School, College and Strategic Group e.g. College Group, LA, MAT, Consortia, Combined Authority.

Using full national datasets, it includes information on a cohort's prior attainment, headline measures, subject and qualification type progress analysis, closing the gap analysis, and retention. Furthermore, centre or group data are shown next to the latest available local authority and national benchmarks.

There are up to three updates produced during the academic year:

  • Centre Update - Available as early as A Level results day in August, this is based on you providing the data to Learning Plus UK Data.
  • Unvalidated Update - based on the unvalidated national datasets and includes the latest national benchmarks.
  • Validated Update - based on the validated national datasets and includes the latest validated national benchmarks.


Access is through the Learning Plus UK website, secure web portal. Each subscribing individual centre is provided with one unique username and password.

Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard Feedback Session:

The feedback session provides you the opportunity to look at the key analysis within your Datadashboard and the implications, enabling you to identify your strengths and areas for development against national and group benchmarks.

To Subscribe

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