Tracking and Monitoring Updates

Throughout the year, updates and enhancements are made to our Tracking and Monitoring Tool.

August 2017

- Subject list updated, including the addition of new Tech Level qualifications

- Baselines updated – all target grades now calculated from the 2016 validated results

- You can now export the data in your Tracking and Monitoring tool into the ‘In Year Progress Report’ format, using the button on the homepage under Reporting and Analysis:



November 2015

One of the key changes coming into effect over the next academic year, is the prior attainment measure used to create benchmarks for measuring students’ progress. To reflect this, all Minimum Targets (which we calculate based on national data), will be created based on the appropriate prior attainment measure. I.e.Minimum Targets for Applied General and Tech Level subjects will be based on‘Average KS4 points’ and Minimum Targets for Academic subjects will be based on‘Average GCSE points’.

As well as this vital update, we have also made some other exciting changes such as the comments functionality allowing you to add qualitative data to your reports.

August 2015

The Tool can now be used to monitor the new Linear A Levels which come into effect this September, with subject results recorded as fine grades. For further information on adding Linear A Level teaching groups, see our guide.

It is also now possible to record even more characteristic information about your students. Baselines have been updated and target grades for all subjects are now based on the 2014 national validated KS5 results data.

All Modular A Levels remain unchanged in the system, and can still be used in the same way as before.

December 2014

A new, simple 'Parent report' was added to the Tool. It gives an overview of current attainment in relation to national and centre targets for every subject for each student. Click here to learn more about the report.

August 2014

Following the annual review of our Tracking & Monitoring Tool and feedback from our users, we have now included several additional analyses and reports to the tool:

  • Selection of target (GCSE or Centre) to be used in the analysis
  • New progress filters allowing you to identify students who are 1, 2 or 3 grades below targets or are failing
  • Showing percentages next to the numbers of students in the Group progress and Subject progress

Additionally, baselines were updated and all subjects now predict against baselines taken from the 2013 national validated results.