Did you know..?

Did you know...


... that whilst the printable PDF ‘Headline Measures Report’ is great for sharing, there is so much more available on the online Datadashboard? All measures can be split by several important characteristics, such as gender, FSM eligibility and EAL status, giving an even greater understanding of what is happening in your centre.


... that you can carry out correlations between every measure for your centre, as well as comparing it to national background data? For example, you may want to know whether the Average KS4 points on entry relates to A Level fails or to the percentage of students achieving A*-C in their A Levels.


... that once you find a characteristic split, or a correlation that is of particular significance to your centre, you can create a PDF of that page? This means that your key success areas or areas for improvement can be shared with ease around your centre, or even with parents.