Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard

Explore the Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard demo for Individual Centres in the following video:

Or see the Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard demo video for Strategic Groups:

Our Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard is unique in bringing together performance information from national datasets and data warehouses. Focusing on Level 3 performance, it provides you with the data you need to understand improvement, evidence to share good practice and information for targeted intervention.

There are three updates produced:

  • Centre Update - Available as early as on the A Level results day in August, providing you with an early indication
  • Unvalidated Update - Available towards the end of the autumn term, subject to data availability, and based on the latest unvalidated national datasets
  • Validated Update - Available in the spring term, subject to data availability, and based on the latest validated national datasets

Accessed via the Learning Plus UK homepage, a secure web portal links to your online Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard. Through a menu and variety of filters you can analyse your level 3 performance including:

  • Headline Measures updated according to the latest Performance Tables
  • Performance by characteristics, enabling analyses by Gender, FSM, Pupil Premium, EAL and Ethnicity as well as by pupils' KS4 performance, including achievement of A*-C GCSE in English and maths
  • Value added scores at qualification type level by a range of characteristic and performance measures
  • Retention information
  • Correlation graphs allowing you to compare various performance measures, including a comparison to the national picture
  • Benchmarking information, using national benchmarks, including summary, academic performance and value added data, as well as grade breakdowns, by a range of characteristics
  • One year subject level value added analysis
  • Curriculum Heatmaps with three year subject level value added trend information

In addition you can download a Headline Measures PDF report.

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The Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard is available as part of our Post -16 Offer. To find out more please contact the office on 0118 324 6696 or email: