L3 In-Year Progress Report

NEW for 2017

Whilst the Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard provides in-depth analysis for your summer results, many of our subscribers expressed a need for a way to monitor their students' progress throughout the year. Developed with our subscribers in 2016-17, the Level 3 In-Year Progress Report shows the progress of your Post-16 Level 3 cohort against national expectations as they progress through Y12 and 13, giving you the evidence to make timely and impactful interventions.

During the academic year, Level 3 outcomes data can be submitted to us at any point . There is no minimum or maximum number of data submissions.

Data is displayed in a PDF report providing analysis of progress at centre, subject and student level when you need it during the year. Each additional data submission will be displayed alongside, allowing a picture of your centre's progress to be built up throughout the year.

The data in the Level 3 In-year Progress Report comes directly from the centre's data submission. Benchmarks (used in progress calculations) are created using national datasets from the 2015/2016 academic year, unless the centre has provided their own benchmarks. Progress calculations are based on the DfE methodology, used in the performance tables.

In addition you will receive an excel spreadsheet at student level

Key Features

• Analysis at centre, programme type, subject and student levels

• Uses the latest national benchmarks to determine progress

• Easy to understand colour shading as in the LPUK Curriculum Heatmaps

• Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard subscribers receive one free report in the autumn term


Through your Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard or as a password protected PDF.

For further information and prices or to subscribe

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Telephone: 0118 324 6696

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