Grade Predictor Updates

Throughout the year updates and enhancements are made to our Grade Predictor.

February 2019

LPUK Grade Predictor has been updated with 2018 national dataset baselines. This means that most subjects which had their first set of results in summer 2018, can now be found in Grade Predictor.

Due to changes in reporting of GCSE and KS4 average points score in summer 2018, there is a prior attainment change in Grade Predictor. The updated version uses only the new KS4 points scale 0-9 for the GCSE average and KS4 average points score in both the individual student and multiple student versions.

For Post-16 Level 2 target grades no prior attainment is required.

August 2018

The Grade Predictor has now been updated with 2017 national validated dataset baselines.

New for September 2018:

  • L3 Other Subjects

These are Level 3 subjects which are not approved to be included in the DfE 2018 performance tables. Most of the QCF versions of the BTECs are in this group.


  • Post-16 L2 Subjects

We have included a wide range of Post-16 L2 subjects: Tech Certs and L2 Vocational subjects. We made the decision not to profile these against prior attainment, instead the percentiles are based on the distribution of grades provided in the national dataset. This means that for some subjects they will show P at all percentiles.


July 2017

- Subject list updated, including the addition of new Tech Level qualifications

- Baselines updated – all target grades now calculated from the 2016 validated results

- For individual students, on the ‘Calculate Grade’ page you can now input a combination of letter grades as well as new 1-9 grades for GCSE English and Maths, for example,


- You now have the option of entering average prior attainment using the DfE’s new 1-8 points system (the 10-58 input remains in place):


- Our new step-by-step guide is available to download when you log in to the Grade Predictor:


July 2016

Baselines updated, all subjects now predicted against baselines taken from the 2015 validated results.

Prior attainment aligned to A-level and Applied General qualifications

Additional predictions at 90th percentile

Subject grade profiles

Colour coding

June 2015

Baselines updated, all subjects now predict against baselines taken from the 2014 validated results.

New OCR Cambridge Technicals are now included in the system.

June 2014

Baselines updated, all subjects now predict against baselines taken from the 2013 validated results.

April 2013

Baselines updated, all subjects now predict against baselines taken from the 2012 validated results.