Launch of new online version of popular Datadashboard product

For the first time, the Datadashboard will be available via a secure web portal and will give education leaders all the data they need to get a strategic overview of their Post-16 performance.

The newly updated Datadashboard brings together all the performance information from the Ofsted-recognised national datasets, including L3 VA, so colleges and education establishments can compare themselves to local and national levels.

To identify strengths and weaknesses, data can be broken down by gender, value added and retention.

The new Datadashboard also allows users to create “curriculum heatmaps”, so subject performance can be analysed for the appropriate year or can cover a three-year trend.

Learning Plus UK’s chief executive, Dr Kate Reynolds, said: “Our Datadashboard is already an important tool for more than 250 sixth forms and further education colleges around the country, helping them to monitor their performance and plan effectively."

“The changes we have introduced mean education professionals can now access this information anytime and anywhere, through a secure web portal, giving them extra flexibility.”

Learning Plus UK is holding a series of workshops and webinars over the spring term to help colleges and schools get the most of the new Datadashboards. To find out more, look at the demo on the website, or email: