Pupil Absence in Schools in England: autumn term 2013

  • Department for Education, Statistical First Release
  • This release shows the levels of overall, authorised and unauthorised absence by school type as well as statistics on persistent absentees.
  • This is the reissued version of the Pupil Absence in Schools in England: Autumn Term 2013 release following an error relating to a number of schools incorrectly excluded from the dataset.
  • The main trends for autumn 2013 remain similar, with unrevised overall absence rate at 4.3% and persistent absence rate at 4.7%.

NEET data by local authority

  • Department for Education, Transparency data
  • This release provides 2012 and 2013 estimates of the number and proportion of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) in each local authority.
  • The numbers are based on average figures for November to January each year.
  • The LA figures tend to be lower than the statistical first release or NEET quarterly brief released by the DfE because LAs only record young people known to them and do not record those taking a gap year or in custody as NEET.

NEET statistics quarterly brief: January to March 2014

  • Department for Education, Statistical First Release
  • This release shows figures for young people not in education, employment, or training (NEET) from January to March 2014.
  • The data are also broken down by age, region and gender.
  • The data come from the DfE’s 16 to 18 participation statistical first release (SFR), the Labour Force Survey (LFS), and regional NEET figures.

Special Education Needs in England: January 2013

  • Department for Education, Statistical First Release
  • This release provides information on the characteristics of pupils by their SEN provision and on the assessment and placement of pupils with new statements of SEN in England.
  • The percentage of pupils with statements of SEN across all schools in England has remained 2.8% over the past years, while the percentage of pupils with SEN without statements has been decreasing from 18.3% in 2010 to 16% in 2013.

Ofsted – Further Education Data Dashboard

  • Ofsted launched a new online tool providing high-level performance data about FE providers and comparisons to other providers and national averages.
  • The Data Dashboard is aimed at providers and their governing bodies to help determine what is being done well and what needs to improve.
  • The data show qualifications being gained by learners, learners’ destinations after leaving the provider as well as priorities for industry development in the local area.
  • You can view the Further Education Data Dashboard here.

2014 UCAS cycle applicant figures (Interim) May

  • UCAS, Statistical release
  • Includes information on the applicant totals from the 2014 UCAS cycle on 19 May 2014 along with data for previous years on the same day – third Monday in May.
  • The number of applicants from England increased in the past three years from 416,390 in 2012 to 440,610 in the 2014 application cycle.