16-19 Accountability Headline Measures


For the entire, downloadable PDF, click here. This will be updated shortly following the release of the updated technical guide (see below).

Documents with useful information

UPDATED - January 2017: 16 to 19 accountability headline measures: technical guide

Includes an updated summary of the 5 new accountability measures and how they are calculated.

16 to 19 accountability consultation

Includes the consultation published in September 2013 and the government response published in March 2014

2015 16-18 Shadow Measures

The DfE have released pilot data for the new 16-18 accountability measures, titled “2015 16-18 Shadow Measures” for secondary schools and colleges (16-18). The release allows school sixth forms and colleges to see their headline attainment data and pupil level value added data calculated according to the new methodology based on the 2013/14 cohort data. To see your data, log in to the DfE School and College Tables Website.